Transfer for Ownership


Includes the transfer on an eligible but unregistered foal – and sometimes Transfers Are complicated and thus can become expensive. A COPY of a Digital Registration Certificates will not be accepted to process a Transfer of Ownership.

It is specifically prohibited to freeze/suspend an owner at time of foaling until their membership dues are paid in full when a new owner of a foal is not able to register a foal because of the unpaid membership.

A Bill of Sale may be needed to download, complete and be sent with the Transfer as a “bundle”. There cannot be any skipped owners! There must be a direct chain of ownership. Contact the Registry if you are having problems

Please confirm with managers of future events whether they will accept the digital copy of the USAHR Certificate of Registration.

Once you’re logged into your Member Account, make sure your membership is current (an active membership in USAHR is required to transfer ownership). Click “Join” or “Renew” to get started if your membership is not current. Then proceed to the Certificate Management or use the Transfer Ownership to transfer ownership of your horse and follow the steps. You will need the original registration certificate signed by the owner of record and this original registration certificate MUST be mailed to USAHR, PO Box 423, Littlefield, TX 79339. The original registration certificate will be returned to the organization who created the original registration certificate.

If a Purebred Arabian is transferred under the USAHR Digital Certificate of Registration then Certificate Management is the starting place in the Member Account. Digital Certificates are not mailed or emailed unless requested. There is a fee for mailing or emailing which must be paid before the Digital Certificate will be mailed or emailed. Be Sure to Read Section 2 Rule 7 Transfer and Report of Ownership. After submitting the work to USAHR, and the USAHR staff verifies the information you’ve submitted. If that looks good, we’ll finish it up and send a new certificate to you as the horse’s owner.

US Arabian Horse Registry does not claim to have or to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of ownership on Purebred Arabians. US Arabian Horse Registry does use Foal/Horse Application for Registration and Transfer of Ownership information to assure Registry correspondence concerning the Purebred Arabian reaches the appropriate parties responsible for transacting business with the Registry.

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