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Stallion Breeding Report (SBR)
Foal Application for Certificate of Registration Begins Here
If Submitted on time, there is no charge for the SBR

These reports are to be sent to US Arabian Horse Registry no later than November 30 of each breeding year or there is a penalty fee for late submitted SBR plus a penalty fee per each mare listed on the SBR. There will be no processing until the penalty fees are paid.

November 30 is the due date; this is to enable the Registry to prepare the Mare Breeding Certificate/Foal Application on the mares bred for the eventual foal registration. The Mare Breeding Certificate/Foal Application go to the Stallion Owner if the mare was not checked as released on the SBR.

If a Stallion is used for breeding in December these breedings will be logged for the coming breeding year. If the Stallion owner needs more information please contact the USAHR office. USAHR is waiving many of the requirements, such as Membership with fees, to allow those who are ‘thinking’ on possible registration of their Purebred Arabian foals born in 2024.

The process to register a foal with US Arabian Horse Registry begins with the form, Stallion Breeding Report, [SBR], located along with the Mare Live Foal Report [MFR] here in this section under the Required SBR Explained page and the Required MFR Explained along with the required Status Report. These forms generate the Breeders Certificate which culminates in the Foal Certificate of Registration.

The Stallion Breeding Report is the record of each Purebred registered Arabian mare who was bred by the Purebred registered Arabian stallion on the SBR during the year and her last cover date. This SBR where the mare is released by the check mark in the correct column of the SBR becomes the Stallion Breeding Certificate and thus there is no reason for an additional Stallion Breeding Certificate. SBR must show all breeding dates and no breeding date is to be excluded; this includes embryos or oocytes which are certified/recorded with USAHR.

With respect to a stallion foaled in 2022 or after, the semen of such stallion may not be used beyond two (2) calendar years following the year of his death or his being gelded to produce a foal eligible for registration with USAHR.

With respect to a mare foaled in 2022 or after, any embryos or oocytes of such mare may not be used beyond two (2) calendar years following the year of her death or being spayed to produce a foal eligible for registration with USAHR.

The SBR has been developed to be used throughout the breeding season by the Stallion Owner and submitted to the Registry at the end of the breeding season. The SBR will be a downloadable form to be submitted electronically at the end of the breeding period as well as the SBR being sent directly to the Registry office from the form. This form is to be used whether breeding only one mare to your stallion during the breeding season or an infinite number of mares. If there are more mares bred than can be entered on one sheet, merely make two copies of the SBR and submit both sheets as one SBR for the stallion, marking accordingly: Page 2, Page 3, etc. DO NOT SEND AN SBR FOR EACH MARE BRED.

The Stallion Owner has the option to release the breeder certificate on a mare once the Stallion Owner submits the SBR. The SBR has a column for the Stallion Owner to check releasing the mare (and thus the Mare Owner) signifying acceptance of all terms and conditions met by the Mare Owner and all obligations have been met. Statement is made the fee was paid, whatever other charges were incurred have been paid and this is now the end of the Stallion Owner responsibility, allowing the Stallion Owner on his Stallion Breeding Report to release the mare and Mare Owner, acknowledging the Stallion Owner has given permission for the Breeders Certification on the part of the stallion and the Stallion Owner to be used by US Arabian Horse Registry and the Mare Owner.

***Release of Breeding: The Owner’s initials in the release column authorizes USAHR to register the resulting foal without your signature as the owner of the stallion on the Breeder’s Certificate. The Stallion Breeding Report becomes the Stallion Breeding Certificate. This will allow mare owners to register their foals without your signature on a physical application. Your USAHR membership ID number will be necessary to do this report.

Agents, Managers, or Handlers signatures are not accepted by USAHR in lieu of the owners signature for this Stallion Breeding Report. This is in line with other registries who require the owner to be responsible for all actions taken in the breeding of their stallion(s).

This Stallion Breeding Report (SBR) will also contain pertinent information such as the sire and dam’s information, and Stallion Owner’s name and address. The Stallion Breeding Report must be signed by the Stallion Owner(s). All owners of the stallion have to sign, even if the owner of the stallion is the same as the owner of the mare. Every Stallion Owner who files a stallion breeding report, SBR, receives a pre-printed Application for the Foal Certificate which is often referred to as the Breeders Certification IF the Purebred Arabian registered mare was not released on the SBR. USAHR assigns the Document Control Number, DCN, to each stallion used during a specific year and is for the use only of USAHR.

The only time the Stallion Owner must sign the actual Foal Application for Certificate of Registration, at the top of the form, is if the mare was not released. It is then the responsibility of the Stallion Owner to contact the Mare Owner when the pre-printed Mare Breeding Certificate/Foal Application for Registration is sent to the Stallion Owner if the mare was not checked to be released on the SBR. Those pre-printed applications will be sent to the Stallion Owner. This process protects both the Stallion Owner and the Mare Owner. If the mare was not released, there is a requirement for a separate Stallion Breeding Certificate and has a fee which must be paid before the Stallion Breeding Certificate, the Mare Breeding Certificate/Foal Application will be mailed to the Stallion Owner.

IF the mare was released on the SBR, the pre-printed Mare Breeding Certificate/Foal Application for Certificate of Registration will be sent directly to the Mare Owner by USAHR after the first of the year.

The SBR requires every Purebred Arabian registered mare exposed to your Purebred Arabian stallion be named. Remember each stallion has their own SBR. If the Purebred Arabian registered mare did not conceive using one method and she was rebred to the stallion using some other method, each different exposure has to be listed on the report. This means if you tried natural cover and she did not conceive so you went to transported semen with a different Purebred Arabian stallion, your mare will be on two different stallion breeding reports. Give exact date(s) bred – if more than one service is received by a given mare using the same method, be sure to list the first and last dates of exposure. Same applies with embryo/oocytes.

If pasture bred, give the date the registered Purebred Arabian mare was turned into the pasture and the date she was taken out of the pasture. If removed from one stallion pasture and/or covered by a different stallion there must be a second SBR, even if the second stallion was not a registered Purebred Arabian stallion. In pasture breeding only one stallion may run with a mare or a group of mares, and they must be enclosed by permanent fences maintained in such a manner that no other stallion could breed any mare in the pasture. Be sure to make the notation on the second SBR regarding pasture breeding where a mare has access to an unknown or not the intended stallion, if the stallion is not a registered Purebred Arabian stallion.

If Transported/Stored Live Semen or Transported/Stored Frozen Semen from your stallion was used be sure to list these mares on the stallion’s SBR, dates, and note whether Live, Cooled or Frozen semen was used. When using Frozen or Cooled Transported Semen, please list the dates the mare was inseminated, not the date the semen was shipped. Remember, USAHR does not require any permits nor issues any certificates regarding transported/store live, cooled or frozen semen.

If multiple stallions are used in one year the earliest stallion used will be first, followed by other stallions used by date of service.

The Mare Live Foal Report, MLF, is the second step in a three step process for registration of a foal or horse. This form is explained in detail under Required Mare Foal Report and in the Registration Process in this section. The Form is below this explanation page for your convenience and use. The Mare Live Foal Report, MLF, is actual a two-step process; the first section is self-explanatory and the second sections deals with the live foal report and with a twins report, if there are twins.

Stallion Breeding Report No Charge IF report is filed by November 30th of each year.
Stallion Breeding Report LATE FEE $25 plus $10 for each mare listed on the SBR
Photocopy of stallion breeding report $5
Additional Forms Which May Be Required
Variant (Genetic) Health Panel Testing Form for Stallions

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