Transfer Details

The transfer report requires the names of the buyer and seller, along with the seller’s signature and the date of the sale. Include basic information about the horse to ensure the horse being transferred and the registration certificate match up. This, along with the original registration certificate and the fee, is all that needs to be sent to USAHR.

Seller does not have to be a member of USAHR to transfer a horse. However, if the buyer is not an USAHR member, he will have to pay a nonmember fee of $85 which ends up being the same amount as the cost of a membership and a transfer combined. Do make sure the spelling of the USAHR member is exactly the same; otherwise, the office will believe there are two different people or entities.

If you buy your horse at an auction, chances are the auction company will wait until your check has cleared the bank before it sends the transfer report and registration certificate to USAHR.

When buying a horse from an individual, make sure you get the original registration certificate with the signed transfer at the time of payment or be certain the seller mails them to USAHR. Make sure that the horse’s age, color and markings match those on the certificate.

Make sure the person who signs the transfer is the same person whose name is listed on the registration certificate as the owner. USAHR rules also require that each owner must be recorded on the horse’s certificate. If you buy a horse from someone who is not the last owner listed on the certificate, USAHR has to have transfers from each person who has owned the horse up until that time. USAHR will not knowingly skip an ownership, thus you will need to submit a transfer report from each person who owned the horse. (This is just paperwork to complete; no fee is required for each transfer)This can result in lengthy delays in processing. But these issues are certainly surmountable. If you need assistance, email

If the horse is in a ranch or company name, call USAHR to find out who is authorized to sign on behalf of that business.

If you buy a horse from someone who recently died and you haven’t sent in the transfer form, be sure the date of sale was prior to the person’s death. Otherwise, USAHR can advise the buyer on the documents that are needed to accept an executor’s or heir’s signature on behalf of the deceased person in a simplified manner as USAHR is not authorized for legal advice. These situations can cause delays in the process.

If you own a mare and use her for breeding,
it’s important to transfer the mare into your name because the name on the mare’s certificate at the time of foaling is also considered the owner of the foal. If the mare isn’t transferred at the time of foaling, you’ll have to get the signature of the previous owner to register the foal.

The recorded owner or lessee is the only person USAHR will recognize when conducting business in regard to any Purebred Arabian.

Does this answer your questions? If not, please contact the Registry office for assistance.

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