Registering an Aged Horse

Past the Age of 24 Months


As the registration process is the same at any age, the first step is to get a registration application without the SBR, You will complete the application the same way you do for a weanling whose dam was not released by the Stallion Owner. Sometimes, when registering an older horse, you may encounter difficulties in locating the breeders for the appropriate signatures. If there have been sales of the horse, then the different owners will also have to be traced with Transfers. Each Transfer costs $15.

A Hardship registration time is perodically available. Costs then are substantially dropped, however, this is an individual event and there is no formula for when such registration will be available.

The fee to register a Purebred Arabian past the calendar year as a two-year-old is $750 and this does not include the fee ($50) for the Stallion Breeding Certificate. All DNA laboratory costs are extra and not included in the $750 cost. USAHR charges an extra $100 fee that is non-refundable for horses whose paperwork requires in-depth research and manpower.

Use the <Contact Us> form to assist you with any necessary research.

If you are missing a signature or other pertinent information, submit your application anyway. If possible, USAHR will attempt to contact the appropriate people for you to acquire the necessary information. USAHR locks in registration fees from the time the application is received, so no matter what is missing, your fees will not increase while USAHR processes your work or waits for answers to correspondence. However, if you cancel your registration application, there is a $100 fee to re-start the registration process.

You need to be a USAHR member to register your Purebred Arabian horse. Join or renew your USAHR membership today!

USAHR rules require all Purebred Arabian horses to be parentage verified before they can be registered. This can sometimes be a hindrance if one or both of the parents has not been <DNA type parentage verified>. In some cases, it is not possible to get a DNA type from one of the horse’s parents. Sometimes USAHR can sometimes achieve this by building a DNA type through grandparents and other offspring. This is never a definitive, and is handled on a case-by-case basis. All registrations require the DNA parentage verification, SCID, LFS and CA laboratory testing. There is a 5 way panel available through USAHR which adds OAAM1 and PSSM1 for $95.

ONE RULE: NEVER, EVER use White-Out on anything. Here is an example: Purchased a horse at an auction that had a different buyer filled out. That buyer was the dead husband of the woman who brought the horse in. Whiteout was used on the papers. Buyer had a bill of sale from the auction and the papers. With USAHR rules, a Buyer would have to follow the legal procedures required resulting from the horse being part of the deceased husband’s estate [and will if there is a will], but if done correctly, the horse would then have its registration papers. Family members do have to agree to sell the horse, remember this point.

Remember, as long as both the sire and dam are registered with USAHR, you have a starting point. DNA tested it will have its identity on who the horse is. But that doesn’t mean that it’s going to be reunited with its papers. Be Sure to also read on the Stableman’s Lien process which has its own webpage.