Registration Delays Prevented

The most common reasons for delays in issuing certificates of foal registration include:
Addresses are incorrect;
Registration applications received without photos or fees will be considered invalid and will be returned without processing;
When submitting Application of foal for Certification of Registration the Breeding Certificates, signed, dated, Mare Breeding Certificate, and if required Stallion Breeding Certificate, the Mare Live Foal Report, 1st and 2nd Sections are missing;
When submitting Application of foal for Certificate of Registration the fees to register are either missing or only partially paid;
If submitting an Online Registration if the fees required are not included with the Online Registration application, the Online will not be forwarded to the Registry office;
and Identification photos are too dark, not detailed enough or in general, fail to indicate all the distinguishing markings of the horse. In these instances, additional photos are required.

SBR was not submitted and/or Stallion Breeder Certificate is missing, and or the Mare Live Foal Report, first section or second section will absolutely be returned for the missing document. The new date of processing will be marked when all the documentation required has been submitted to the Registry.

The check-list of requirements to complete registration include: 
1. The mare is listed on the SBR for the sire of the foal 
2. Required Mare Live Foal Report, second section, is submitted to US Arabian Horse Registry within 30 days of foaling 
3. Preferably no later than three to four months after the Mare Live Foal Report, a pre-printed fully completed Registration Application and Mare Breeders Certificate is submitted to US Arabian Horse Registry which includes: 
i) The form is fully completed and signed (signature is possible through On Line) 
ii) Cashier’s check,, money order or debit credit card with an additional three (3) per cent convenience fee added to costs, for the correct fee 
iii) Four (4) color photographs of the front, back and both sides (gray horses and foals with no white markings should also include a close-up photograph of the face  and photographs of the horse’s night-eyes ) and 
iv) Submission of all the Markings forms, Head, Legs, Hoof Color, Whorls and Nighteyes if required, freeze brand, microchip, and scars Forms
v) Submission of the required genetic information. There is a deadline on the length of time in submitting the genetic info, hairs, to the lab.

Naming rules, Section 2, Rule 6 on naming:
F. The following classes of names are not eligible for use: 
1. Names consisting of more than 18 letters (spaces and punctuation marks count as letters); 
2. Names consisting entirely of initials such as C.O.D., F.O.B., etc.; 
3. Names ending in “filly,” “colt,” “stud,” “mare,” “stallion,” or any similar horse-related term; 
4. Names consisting entirely of numbers. Numbers above thirty may be used if they are spelled out; 
5. Names ending with a numerical designation such as “2nd” or “3rd,” whether or not such a designation is spelled out;
6. Names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with US Arabian Horse Registry; 
7. Names of persons no longer living unless approval is granted by US Arabian Horse Registry based upon a satisfactory written explanation submitted to the Registry; 
8. Names clearly having commercial, artistic or creative significance; 
9. Names that are suggestive or have a vulgar or obscene meaning; names considered in poor taste; or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups; 
10. Names that appear to be designed to harass, humiliate or disparage a specific individual, group of individuals or entity; 
11. Names that are currently active in breeding; 

Please make sure the name, postal address and e-mail address are correctly indicated on all correspondence sent to US Arabian Registry. Often, additional information is required to complete the registration process. Incorrect addresses and/or contact information will add delays to the process which could result in payment of late registration fees.

Once all the requirements are satisfied for registration, a Certificate of Foal Registration usually issues within approximately four (4) weeks or sooner. The goal is a one week turn around from receipt of the application to registration, pending the results of the genetic testing required. Please carefully inspect the Certificate of Foal Registration when you receive your Certificate to assure the names of the Breeder and other information is correct.

If the original Certificate of Foal Registration contains errors or is lost, a replacement certificate may be obtained by fully completing an application for a Replacement Digital Certificate of Foal Registration, and additional fees may be required though this is rare. Carefully compare the markings written on the certificate to the markings present on the horse. Any changes that are necessary to the Digital Certificate of Foal Registration are provided free of charge up to six (6) months from date of issuance. Changes made after six (6) months are subject to a correction fee of $15 per change. Thus, it is very important to compare the certificate against the horse to ensure accuracy. Please refer to the Rulebook for the Principal Rules and Requirements. The entire Rulebook is available in the Registry section of USAHR website.

Does this answer your questions? If not, please contact the Registry office for assistance.

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