Photo Details

All registrations and corrections must include current photographs and be in color.
All parts of the horse or foal must be visible in the photos (feet, ear tips, etc)
Foal or horse must be clean enough to accurately show body color and white markings
Foal or horse must be on a surface which allows a clear view of the feet. Grass, snow or mud may obscure markings.

Photos become the property of USAHR. USAHR reserves the right to require additional photos for clarification.
No polaroids will be accepted.
Upload or e-mail digital photos but color hard copies will be accepted.
Label each photo or email photo with the name of the horse and the owner. If hard copies are submitted, label the back of each photo with the name of the horse and owner. Be careful the ink does not bleed through to the front of the photo.
Additional photos must be submitted if the foal or horse has white markings which do not show on the four standard photos (e.g. under jaw, under barrel)

Photo 1 – Full front view of head and front of legs. The forelock must be tucked aside so all facial markings are clearly visible. The head must be facing towards the camera.
Photos 2 and 3 – Left and right full side views.
The foal or horse must be posed so all four legs are visible in each side view. If there are white markings on the neck, the mane should be put over to the opposite side so the markings will show.
Photo 4 – Full rear view. If the horse’s tail is long, tie it up or have someone hold it to the side so all leg markings are clearly visible.

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