Naming Your Foal – Instructions

There is a provision to reserve a Name for one year only. Name change can be done, though not encouraged, with a fee charged.

Naming: Rarely Purebred Arabians are registered without names. This gives a new owner purchasing a registered but unnamed purebred Arabians the opportunity to select the name. All Foal Applications for Digital Certificate of Registration must have a name. If a change of name attempt is made, a naming fee will be charged. Please refer to the Rulebook for the Principal Rules and Requirements.

TIP: If you are looking for names used, go to the Horse Search in Records and check to see if the name is in use. This Simple Search brings up the horse requested by name or registration number. USAHR does maintain a list of Names Reserved (fee paid) which can also be accessed through the members Account Report.

Section 2 Rulebook, Rule 6 Naming: Excluded

E. Names of horses over twenty-five (25) years old may be eligible for use if they have not been used during the preceding five years either for breeding or any performance including racing. Names of horses that were never used for breeding or racing may be available for use five years from the date of their death as reported. This action is strongly discouraged as it causes the Search request action to not know which horse is to be used in search queries.

F. The following classes of names are not eligible for use: 
1. Names consisting of more than 18 letters (spaces and punctuation marks count as letters); 
2. Names consisting entirely of initials such as C.O.D., F.O.B., etc.; 
3. Names ending in “filly,” “colt,” “stud,” “mare,” “stallion,” or any similar horse-related term; 
4. Names consisting entirely of numbers. Numbers above thirty may be used if they are spelled out; 
5. Names ending with a numerical designation such as “2nd” or “3rd,” whether or not such a designation is spelled out;
6. Names of living persons unless written permission to use their name is on file with US Arabian Registry.
This is not a complete list, see the Rulebook for a complete list of names which cannot be used.

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