INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS WILL BE RETURNED AND NOT PROCESSED UNTIL ALL INFORMATION REQUIRED IS SUBMITTED AS ONE BUNDLE WITH ALL FEES PAID. Be careful to spell names correctly and write or print plainly to avoid errors. ALL FEES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERRABLE *Restart Registration Application (part of Foal Certificate of Registration) $100 fee + all other fees due must be paid before Registration will begin. IF A BREEDING LEASE WAS INVOLVED THE LEASE FORM MUST BE ON FILE WITH ALL FEES PAID BEFORE BREEDING. THE SAME APPLIES TO EMBRYO TRANSFER USE. FOLLOW USAHR RULES FOR REGISTRATION. This Breeding Certificate and Application for Registration is sent to you as the mare owner because the mare was “Released” on the SBR [Stallion Breeding Report]. The Release means no Stallion Breeding Certificate is required.

I certify the mare named _______________________________________ Registration # ______________, Stud Book ____________ was bred to (NAME

OF STALLION)________________________________ Registration # ________________, Stud Book as listed on the Stallion Breeding Report for the Year 20 ______. I agree the foal (horse) will be subject to registration requirements as described in the Rules and Regulations of US Arabian Horse Registry effective at the time of application. As owner of the dam at the time the horse to be registered was foaled, I certify that all information on this registration application is correct to my personal knowledge, and agree that USAHR has the right to correct and/ or cancel the registration certificate under its rules. I authorize USAHR access to any DNA genetic testing results on file for the dam from any business or association that has access to or control of such results. MARE OWNER MUST SIGN HERE TO REGISTER FOAL.

Mare Owner Name, printed ________________________________ Mare Owner Signature ______________________________ Mare Owner Membership #________Be Sure Mare Owner Submitted to USAHR the Mare Live Foal Report before Registering the Foal – Be sure to include any Transfer forms required, with fee, as well as forms for Microchip, Freeze, and all PHOTOS required of Head Markings, Leg Markings, and Whorls and Night Eyes if required. DNA kit & Genetic Panel Testing Form is required.

Date of Birth: Month _____________ Day _________ Year 20_______ Sex: ________ Stallion _______ Gelding ______Mare
Color : Chestnut ________ Bay _______ Black ________ Grey________ (underlying skin pink) Roan _______ White _______
Attached to this Application as a “bundle” are the Required Photos of Head Marking, Leg Markings, and Whorls, Night Eyes if required Form. (4 photos minimum) Body Markings, Microchip Number Form and Freeze Branding Form, if applicable, Transfer Form, if applicable. If gelded, date of castration must be supplied.

DNA kit & Genetic Panel Testing Form is required _______ Check Here if Requesting DNA Parentage ________ Check Here if Requesting Genetic Testing

Name (17 letters total, spaces count as part of 17) ____________________________________

Second Name choice ____________________________________

Mare Owner Name, printed _______________________________

Mare Owner Signature ____________________________________

Mare Owner Membership #__________