In the Members Services section all of the following have their own webpage: Donate, Freeze Brand Liability Release, Nomination of Trustees, Project Request Form, Volunteer Award and Volunteer Release.

Getting Ready For Registration

Embryo/Oocyte, including frozen, Enrollment permit (mare donating the embryo/oocyte) 
Enrollment lifetime of donor mare is included with Embryo/Oocyte form
Late Permit fee (in addition to regular fee) part of the Embryo/Oocyte form
Export Embryo Form

Lease Authorization of a Mare or Stallion for Breeding
Not Receiving the pre-printed E-Service Certificate (part of Foal Application)
Mare Live Foal Report No Charge
Status Report No Charge
Restart Registration Process, fee, no form but must use Work Order 1, contact USAHR office
STALLION BREEDING REPORT (SR) with Optional Mare Live Foal Report
Stallion Breeding Report (SBR) due November 30th each year
Photocopy of stallion breeding report fee
Stallion Late Breeding Report fee
Transfer of Ownership, Membership is required for a transfer 
Contract Sale the Date of Sale to six months
After six months from date of sale
An unregistered foal but a Purebred Arabian foal eligible for registration transfer is included in this form
*If a contract sale is involved, final date of contract sale must be indicated. The beginning date of the contract may be used as the recorded transfer (sale) date, but the ending date of the contract will be used to determine the applicable transfer fee.
**Note There is no Eligible but Unregistered foal Form. Use the Bill of Sale and a Transfer form (fee) and attach to the Foal Certificate of Registration Form.

Registration – Registry

Release Affidavit Registration – Pending Attorney Approval
Release Genetic DNA Lab Test Results is a Form
Genetic Lethal Panel Testing SCID, LFS, and CA required of all breeding stallions with mares to be grandfathered
Unknown DNA Testing Agreement – please read form carefully
DNA Genetic Order Kit Parentage Verification – not the same as the DNA Identity Form
Variant/Genetic 5-Way Health Panel Testing SCID, LFS, CA, OAAM1, PSSM

Breeders/Service Certificate with no Release
Not Receiving the E-Service Certificate (part of Register your Foal) is not a form/notify Registry Office
Foal or First Ever Certificate of Registration Application
Register a Foal as a print-out and mailed
Coming in the Future: Register a Foal On-Line

Markings: These are not forms; these are charts to be used for Application for Registration
Head Markings
Leg and Hoof Markings
Whorls, night-eyes, scars

Naming of horse
Names In Use is not a Form; located on Home Page in Records Section
Names Reserved List is not a form and is maintained in the Registry Office
Name reserved for one year fee, no refund, no pro-rata by month for the year

Other Certificates of Registration
Correction Certificate of Registration, all minor changes, color, markings – this is a form
Duplicate Certificate of Registration – minor and this is in a form
Hardship Certificate costs to be determined at time of announcement of Hardship Registration
Replacement Certificate of Registration, acts of God, fire, flood, etc with certification (contact office for assistance) – this is a form

General Forms

Affidavit – General in Nature
Bill of Sale Form
Certificate of Exportation is a Form
Certification of Foreign Registration
Change of Markings: Color and Markings Change: Head, Legs, Hoof color, Whorls
Freeze Branding (together with Microchip) One Form
Import and Requirements (Export is the obligation of the country which accepts the Import) is a Form
Reporting of Death is part of the Post-Mortem
Report of Gelding or Spaying is part of the Post-Mortem – submit a statement with the full registered name of your Arabian, registration number, date of castration or spay and if the procedure was done by a licensed veterinarian a signed statement from him.
Post-Mortem testing, if possible, request to USAHR office as there is no specific form
Progeny report
Stableman’s Lien
3% Convenience Fee for credit card use

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