Export other than Embryo/Oocyte Endorsement Request

INSTRUCTIONS: Please read all instructions before completing the application. Please print or type if not using the online report form.

1. Horse Name: ________________________________________________
Registration # _____________________

2. The Certificate of Registration is attached:
Please check one of the following:
______ A. This horse has been sold, the sale is complete and the transfer portion of the Certificate of Registration has been properly completed.
______ B. This horse is being exported on lease; no transfer to be recorded. The horse is being leased to: ___________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________
_______ C. No transfer to be recorded. Horse is being sold on contract or exported by current owner.

3. This horse is being exported to __________________________________ (Destination Country)
______________________________ (Anticipated export date)

Name and address of importer (foreign owner): ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________

4. Four labeled color photographs (all four views) which clearly show all white markings, brands, whorls and tattoos are attached. For grey horses, pink skin must be visible. Use the MARKINGS FORM to notate the placement of all microchip and whorls, night-eyes, scars. This must be completed for all horses with “No White Markings”. SEE MARKINGS FORM

5. The applicable fees are enclosed. Certificate of Export ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BEFORE EXPORT
If all requirements are met within 60 days from departure from the United States $175
If all requirements are met after 60 days from departure from the United States $475
If all requirements are anticipated to be met after 60 days from departure from the United States $475 and at time of export USAHR must be notified in writing there will be a delay and the reason stated. LATE FEE with no notification of delay and reason for delay, there will be an additional fee of $1000.

6. If the mare has been bred to a purebred stallion prior to exportation with the resultant foal to be born in the foreign country, it is the responsibility of the seller to provide certification of the service stallion, breeding dates, and provide the following information.
Stallion Name: _______________________________________________
Registration Number _____________________
TYPE of service and service DATES: ______________
Natural (hand) ____________
Pasture Exposure _____________
Artificial Insemination ___________
Transported/Stored Semen ________________

If a mare holds a valid Embryo Transfer permit all of the necessary Embryo Transfer (ET) Certificates must be issued prior to the completion of the Export Endorsement. Once the Export Endorsement has been issued the ET permit is canceled and additional ET certificates are not available for purchase.

Neither blood typing nor DNA typing is required by USAHR prior to exportation. However, we recommend that all horses be blood typed and DNA typed prior to exportation for identification and other purposes. In addition, stallions who have covered mares prior to exportation or have semen stored to be used for future breedings should be DNA typed and a genetic disease panel performed.

Mares that produce foals prior to exportation should be DNA typed as well as have the genetic disease panel and an Ancestry Heritage DNA test, and the foal being DNA typed, and genetic disease panel, if necessary, to avoid possible difficulties in registering foals in the United States. [Foals who have both sire and dam with a clear genetic disease panel are clear by parentage.] For foals born 2002 and later, DNA type testing is required for parentage verification. *Some foreign registries may require that a horse be blood typed and/or DNA typed prior to exportation and re-sampled after importation to their country for identification purposes.

Exporters are advised to contact the appropriate foreign registry to determine any specific requirements.

Current membership required – individual member rate ($55 for base membership only)
Export Endorsement including shipping and handling $175.00 for most countries Certificate of Export
If all requirements are met after 60 days from departure from the United States $475

Contact US Arabian Horse Registry regarding this cost which can vary
Transfer fee (if applicable): $15.00
0-2 months from the date of sale $30.00
over 2 months from date of sale $50.00

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