Blood Typing Kit Request

Since there may not be any testing laboratory who still does blood typing, contact the US Arabian Horse Registry requesting a blood typing kit. If this request can be accomplished, USAHR requires a written request and the following: 
1. Cashier’s check, money order or debit credit card with an additional three (3) per cent convenience fee added to costs, payable to US Arabian Horse Registry for the prescribed fee (see Fee Schedule);
2. The Certificate of Foal Registration (copies are not acceptable); and
3. The fully completed Identification forms, along with a set of four color photographs of the horse (front, both sides and rear views) clearly showing the color and markings (or lack of markings) on the head, legs, hoof color and body markings. If either of these requirements are not timely met, the owner may be required to restart the process by obtaining a new variant (genetic) typing kit from US Arabian Horse Registry, and a restart fee may be assessed (see Fee Schedule). 

Do not request a DNA typing kit at this time.  

BE AWARE this action could also include a $100 fee from US Arabian Horse Registry for a complicated request.