Embryo Transfer Certificate Request

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and agree to be bound by and follow the US Arabian Horse Registry’s Rules and Regulations pertaining to Embryo/Oocyte Transfer. I also understand that USAHR will investigate noncompliance with these Rules and Regulations and, in the event of such non-compliance, any resultant foals may be ineligible for registration and penalties provided under USAHR’s Rules and Regulations may be imposed.

Specifically, I acknowledge that I understand the following with respect to this Request for an Embryo Transfer Certificate and to the registration of foals resulting from the use of Embryo Transfer from this mare:

1. The mare must have a valid Embryo/Oocyte Transfer Permit or the Embryo Transfer Certificate will not be issued; and
2. One (1) Embryo Transfer Certificate is required to register a foal conceived using Embryo Transfer; and
3. The Embryo/Oocyte Permit will expire upon the sale or exportation of the mare.

Embryo Transfer Certificates are $35.00 (member rate) each.

NOTE: Mare owners must ensure that they have purchased a sufficient number of Embryo/Oocyte Transfer Certificates prior to the sale or exportation of a mare. When the recorded ownership of a mare changes, the mare’s Embryo/Oocyte Transfer Permit will expire and the former recorded owner may no longer purchase Embryo/Oocyte Transfer Certificates.

________________________________________________________________________ Name of Mare Registration Number

________________________________________________________________________ Bred to Stallion Name Registration Number

________________________________________________________________________ Breeding Dates

________________________________________________________________________ Breeding type (Natural, Pasture, Artificial Insemination or Transported Semen*)

_________________________________________________________________________ Signature of recorded owner of dam at time of BREEDING Date

_________________________________________________________________________ Signature of recorded owner of the sire at time of BREEDING Date

*If Transported/Stored Semen was used, a Transported/Stored Semen Service Certificate from the sire owner will be required for registration of the foal and the sire owner’s signature is not required above.